RCI Publications

RCI Publications


Introduction to RCIPubs

RCI Pubs - Consulting Services for Publishing

 RCI Publications is a business unit of Rothmann Consulting, Inc or RCI.  RCI Board of Directors decided initially to form this unit to develop, publish, and market digital publications for use in the Department of Defense and for civilian education institutions. 

To achieve its goal, RCIpubs developed and published two books:  None Will Surpass and Warriors and Fools.  Below are links to those two books.  The intent of their publication and marketing was to demonstrate the capabilities of RCIpub to produce electronic and interactive materials for training and educational purposes.

The capabilities developed in making those books resulted in the ability to use the appropriate technologies, such as iBook Author, Kindle Textbook Creator and other programs to produce enhanced, interactive books and materials.  We also have a mature, proven process, shown in the diagram below, to develop and test interactive products in a timely and cost efficient way. As a result of this experience we have also captured lessons learned that can be provided to others whether they be educators, businessmen or women, or independent authors.

RCIpubs developed this website for four reasons.  One was to inform interested educational institutions of our capability as a consultancy for developing and executing digital learning techniques and capabilities in educational programs to include instructional design.  A second was to provide a site to promote and provide access to our books as examples on the usefulness of such products, as well as works that may be of interest to readers. A third was to provide information on the use of certain technologies and digital production capabilities for anyone who would like to use them for their own work.  Finally, A fourth was to provide information and assistance for military veterans who have a story to tell and want to tell it and how they can do that as an independent author or through other means.

Our Books

 RCIpubs has produced and published two books over the last four years. These are shown at the picture to the left above. They are published on Amazon as an eBook and paperback (link is https://www.amazon.com/Harry-Rothmann/e/B00JVUZIK2); the Apple Bookstore as an enhanced, interactive book ( http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1370970562); and on the Barnes and Noble Nook Bookstore.